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Greater Phoenix:
Building the nation's most innovative, connected, and people-centered smart region.

Our Vision

Through a community-driven applied research model and intentional, unprecedented collaboration, our consortium of public, private, university, and community partners seek to empower Greater Phoenix communities to build the nation’s largest, most connected, smart region, developing and deploying technology scalable solutions rooted in connectivity, mobility, equity, and sustainability.

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Greater Phoenix Region

Core Regional Goals

We are intentionally collaborating with regional partners to adopt and scale solutions that transform Greater Phoenix and support core regional goals.

Regional Goals
Improve Quality
of Life
Core Goal #1
Core Goal #2
Core Goal #3
and Resilience
Core Goal #4
Core Goal #5
Supporting Connective Goals

How We Achieve These

By bringing together diverse stakeholders we can enhance the quality of life and well-being for all residents.

01 / Regional Collaboration

02 / Best Practice Sharing

03 / Competency Framework

04 / Research & Data Analysis

05 / Validation & Testing

06 / Implementing Solutions at Scale




The Benefits



Let's move 

Greater Phoenix forward together.

Getting Involved

Industry Partners

Participating in The Connective means committing to become an innovative region that intentionally collaborates on issues that impact the quality of life and well-being for all residents and businesses.

The Connective will be funded through public, private, university and grant funding. Funding will directly support research, training, testing, data management activities and Greater Phoenix branding. 

Industry partner membership will require a minimum three-year commitment.

Community Partners

Each Greater Phoenix community partner is requested to make a pledge to support The Connective for multiple years in order to enable multi-year, community-driven research projects. Each Consortium member will have representation on the Smart Region Leadership Council.


To foster regional participation, some communities may also elect to participate as an observer for no cost but will not have voting privileges nor access to training programs. Observing cities will be able to participate in cooperative procurement but will not receive additional benefits.

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