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GovTech: Arizona Cities Embrace On-Demand Microtransit to Transform Public Transportation

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GovTech recently featured an exciting program from Goodyear, Avondale, and Surprise. Named WeRIDE, this initiative offers a budget-friendly, shared transportation option for residents. Last year, WeRIDE saw a significant surge in popularity, providing an affordable way for people to travel within the pilot area or connect to broader transit networks.

The program utilizes on-demand microtransit services spanning just under 50 square miles in the West Valley. By leveraging small van-like vehicles and a user-friendly app, WeRIDE offers citizens of the collaborative cities with shared rides at approximately $2 per trip.

The initiative has proven successful in boosting ridership and cutting transit costs, especially in areas where fixed-route transit was limited or costly. WeRIDE is powered by RideCo, a transportation technology company, and is funded through various sources, including dedicated transportation funds and city general funds.


In 2023, the pilot program demonstrated promising results, with increased ridership and lower costs, showcasing the potential of microtransit to transform public transportation in suburban Arizona.

WeRIDE is yet another example of a regional, collaborative approach, that is improving access and accessibility for citizens within its pilot area.

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